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Teachers Bring Salt Marsh to the Classroom During From Seeds to Shoreline Workshops

Oct 5, 2023

Last month, educators from across the state participated in From Seeds to Shoreline® workshops, preparing them to bring the salt marsh restoration program into their K-12 classrooms. From Seeds to Shoreline® is a science standard-aligned program that teaches students about the life cycle of Spartina alterniflora through a hands-on experience of collecting and germinating marsh grass seeds, monitoring young plants to maturity, and supporting the salt marsh ecosystem through restoration.

Thirty teachers returned for another year with the program, while twelve teachers joined for the first time. During the workshop, teachers networked and engaged in activities – including a S. alterniflora restoration lab – to assist in their implementation of the program for the coming school year.

If you are a K-12 or nonformal educator interested in becoming involved with the program contact Morgan Treon, marine education program assistant, and sign up for our educational newsletter, The Lettered Olive, for coastal science education opportunities and resources.