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Myrtle Beach development.

Program Focus Area

Sustainable Coastal Development and Economy

Coastal South Carolina is experiencing rapid growth. Resource management and economic development issues in this area continue to challenge coastal zoning planners, resource managers, developers, and those involved in commerce, industry, recreation, and tourism.

How the Consortium Supports Sustainable Coastal Development and Economy

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium supports research and outreach to generate and deliver science-based information and programs in response to the needs of local communities and decision-makers in the following areas:

  • The interrelationships among social, economic, and environmental concerns in coastal South Carolina, and optimizing each.
  • Regional approaches to coastal land-use and watershed planning.
  • Enhancing waterfront-related economic opportunities without diminishing the long-term health of the coastal environment.
  • Robust and healthy working waterfronts, fisheries, and aquaculture.
  • Tools to help manage coastal areas for tourism, recreation, and other uses.
  • Identifying ways for small coastal communities to engage in the tourism economy in an economically, environmentally, and culturally diverse way.
  • Developing planning and policy tools for coastal access.
  • Understanding the effects of population growth and changes in land use.
  • Offshore energy issues, policies, technologies, infrastructure, and impacts.

Current Research and Outreach Projects

Waves washing up on a beach seen from above.

Evaluating the Risk of Sea-Level Rise to Low-Income Communities

Research Project: Climate risks, infrastructure systems, and income disparity: Impacts of sea-level rise on social inequality in South Carolina’s coastal communities.

Researchers from S.C. State University and The Citadel will combine interactive sea-level rise projections with mapping of socioeconomically vulnerable populations. They will then suggest how design, operation, and management of physical infrastructure networks can impact resilience, with a focus on low-income communities. The information will be shared with public agencies that make infrastructure decisions.

2020-2021 Impacts and Accomplishments

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium’s report of our successes in advancing sustainable development and economy in coastal South Carolina.

Resources by Topic

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium’s published information and project results in areas related to sustainable coastal development and economy.