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Stormwater Ponds State-of-Knowledge Report Available

Jan 24, 2020

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium established the South Carolina Stormwater Ponds Research and Management Collaborative in 2014, with support from the State of South Carolina and the National Sea Grant College Program, bringing together scientists, engineers, and community planners to address issues and opportunities emerging from the increasing use of ponds for stormwater management.

Early on, the group recognized the need for a comprehensive report on existing research and management practices, and a team of 24 researchers was assembled by the Consortium to undertake this task. Stormwater Ponds in Coastal South Carolina: 2019 State of Knowledge Report provides those details in eight chapters covering nearly 200 pages.

This report contains up-to-date scientific findings on the effectiveness of stormwater ponds at controlling water quantity and quantity. The primary role for stormwater ponds is to slow the runoff from the first pulse of a heavy rainfall before it moves into a waterway. Secondarily, downstream water quality can improve as sediment and pollutants settle in ponds. The report synthesizes scientific information on the nature and function of stormwater ponds which will be useful to developers, communities, and government planners in developing and evaluating pond design options and to property managers and homeowners’ associations which are responsible for managing and maintaining the functionality and efficiency of ponds.

The Full Report is available on the Consortium’s website, along with an Executive Summary which provides readers with snapshots of the results found in the comprehensive report.