S.C. Sea Grant Consortium

S.C. Stormwater Pond Research and Management Collaborative

Assessing the Current Landscape

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium convened the S.C. Stormwater Pond Research and Management Collaborative to further investigate and address the challenges associated with stormwater ponds in our coastal areas.

In late 2014, the Consortium initiated support for a series of seven studies (listed below) with the following goals:

  • Inventory update and classification of stormwater ponds in coastal South Carolina
  • Write a State-of-Knowledge Report to characterize the current knowledge and status of coastal stormwater ponds in South Carolina
  • Create public awareness and outreach messaging to identify and implement a common communications message and strategy

Stormwater Pond Studies Initiated by the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium

1. A Stormwater Pond Inventory for the Eight Coastal Counties of South Carolina: Erik Smith, USC; Denise Sanger, SC DNR.

2. Development of a Strategic Outreach Plan to Improve Long-term Stormwater Pond Awareness and Maintenance: Katie Buckley, Clemson; Amy Scaroni, Clemson Ext.; Melinda Weathers, Clemson.

3. Non-point Source Contamination in Stormwater Systems in South Carolina: Mohammed Baalousha, USC; Geoffrey Scott, USC.

4. South Carolina Pond Management Approaches and Costs – An Economic State-of-Knowledge Review and Synthesis: Christopher Mothorpe, CofC; Wesley Burnett, CofC. Read Publication

5. Characterizing the State-of-the-Knowledge of South Carolina Stormwater Detention Ponds: Ecosystem Function within the Coastal Landscape: Dianne Greenfield, USC; Erik Smith, USC; Andrew Tweel, SC DNR; Denise Sanger, SC DNR.

6. An Assessment of Stormwater Policy, Regulation and Management for the Coastal Counties of South Carolina: Jeffery Allen, Clemson; Lori Dickes; Clemson; Katie Buckley, Clemson. Read Publication

7. Sources, Fate and Transport of Contaminants in Engineered Stormwater Structures: Vijay Vulava, CofC; Barbara Beckingham, CofC; Timothy Callahan, CofC. Read Publication

Stormwater Ponds Advisory Council

To guide the activities of the Collaborative, the Consortium has created the Stormwater Ponds Advisory Council, whose membership represents stormwater managers and consultants, stormwater pond practitioners, realtors, government officials, scientists, and outreach specialists.

The Council is overseeing the activities of the Collaborative to ensure that the directions, activities, and products of the Collaborative are targeted towards improving our knowledge and management of stormwater ponds in the coastal regions.

Stormwater Ponds in Coastal South Carolina: State of Knowledge, Full Report

This comprehensive report contains up-to-date scientific findings on stormwater ponds, their effectiveness as a control measure, pollutant levels, public perception, and best management practices.

Report cover.

Stormwater Ponds in Coastal South Carolina Executive Summary

A summarized version of the full report.

Report cover.