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S.C. Scientists Earn Sea Grant Aquaculture Funds

Nov 7, 2019

Three projects with direct South Carolina connections were among 42 research proposals selected to receive $16 million in federal funding aimed at advancing sustainable aquaculture in the United States.

The National Sea Grant College Program sought aquaculture proposals that encourage collaboration, explore new opportunities, or address critical gaps in knowledge. Because wild-caught seafood cannot meet the rising global demand, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and its Sea Grant partners have committed to advance U.S. aquaculture in informed, sustainable, and properly regulated ways.

Many of the three-year projects, which require a 50 percent local match, cut across state and regional boundaries. The selected projects directly related to South Carolina include:

  • A S.C. Sea Grant Consortium study by Clemson University’s Mark Blenner on the potential for renewable agricultural products and wastes, such as animal fats and plant oils, as sustainable feedstocks for aquaculture operations. ($100,000)
  • An effort to expand comprehensive training opportunities for shellfish growers in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, including classroom and field work. While N.C. Sea Grant is the lead appli­cant, S.C. Sea Grant Consortium is one of the partners. ($95,500)
  • An effort to help the managers of shellfish hatcheries, nurseries, and farms understand the basics of disease risks to prevent the potential spread of disease, and to develop a structure for regulators to develop a seed database and a hatchery certification program. S.C. Department of Natural Resources is among the partners in the project. ($1.17 million)