S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
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Low Impact Development in Coastal South Carolina: a Planning and Design Guide (2014)

This comprehensive manual on implementing low impact development practices provides engineering tools, planning guidance, and case study examples that are relevant to the South Carolina coastal zone.

The overall goal of this project is to provide local decision makers with the knowledge and resources to apply LID practices on the community, neighborhood, and site scale.

This guide is specific to coastal South Carolina and contains five chapters: Introduction to LID; Strategies for Local Governments; Conservation Principles and Neighborhood Site Design; Stormwater Best Management Practices; and Local Case Studies. Also included are eight appendices, with information ranging from infiltration testing and soil compost amendment to coordinating erosion control and stormwater statutes and regulations. An extensive section of maintenance checklists is also provided.

LID Compliance Calculator

The Center for Watershed Protection created the compliance calculator spreadsheet to allow a designer to quickly analyze multiple LID options, and check them against the state water quality requirements. See Appendix A of the LID Guide for full instructions.

Frequently asked questions about the LID Compliance Calculator