S.C. Sea Grant Consortium

Teacher Training Provided at No Cost

While it costs nothing to attend the teacher training and sign up for the S2S program, there are a few cost considerations in making your experience in the program the best it can be.

The list below and prices associated with each category are not set in stone nor are these costs to be paid to the S2S program partners. The costs listed below are to give you an idea of what you/your school may incur. Our partners consistently locate free or cost-effective options for our participants to get the support that they need to participate.


Greenhouse: We provide you with a seed starter kit at the training as well as suggested vendors and sources for some of the supplies you will need. One that facilitates success with growing Sporobolus alterniflorus is the use of a small (10’ x 10’ or smaller) greenhouse. Once you invest in a greenhouse, you’ll be all set to participate in the program for multiple years. Price range: $160-$200

Pots, Trays, Potting Soil: As with the greenhouse, once you invest in pots and trays, you’ll be able to use these from year to year. Potting soil is the main consumable that you will need to purchase each year you participate in the program. Costs for these supplies will range depending on the number of students participating. Price range: $50 – $100 (pots, trays, and soil); $25 (soil/year).


There are two opportunities to get your students out in the field with the S2S program: seed collection and seed transplantation during the Restoration Day. If you are only able to take one field trip with your students, we recommend that you bring your students out for the Restoration Day. Depending on how many students are participating and the distance you will be traveling, this cost will vary. Price range: $100 – $500/trip.


Please contact Morgan Treon, Marine Education Program Assistant, at morgan.treon@scseagrant.org.