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Recycled Shrimp Nets to Reduce Litter

Dec 2, 2021 | News

Trawl2Trash is a new program developed by Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant in partnership with the Consortium and commercial shrimpers in Georgia and South Carolina. Through this project, which was funded by the National Sea Grant College Program, commercial shrimpers have the opportunity to earn money during the off-season by creating Trawl2Trash bags made from recycled shrimp net material.

Extension specialists from both Sea Grant programs will distribute the bags to recreational boaters, anglers, volunteers cleaning up litter in waterways, K-12 students, and the public so they can collect and properly dispose of marine debris. In addition, by participating in this project people will be educated about the negative impacts of marine debris and practice good environmental stewardship.

To learn more and/or participate in the program, visit the Trawl2Trash website or contact Graham Gaines, Living Marine Resources program specialist.