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Over 3M Seeds Collected for Salt Marsh Restoration

Dec 23, 2021

In the fall of 2021, From Seeds to Shoreline (S2S) volunteers and partners collected over 3 million Sporobolus alterniflorus—formerly known as Spartina alterniflora—seeds at 10 locations along the South Carolina coast, from Huntington Beach State Park to the ACE Basin.

Spartina seed collection group.
S2S, launched in 2011, is the state’s only salt marsh restoration program specifically designed for K-12 students and teachers and aligned with South Carolina State Science Standards. In this year-long program, participating schools collect seeds, germinate them in classrooms, grow seedlings in greenhouses, and transplant the young sprouts in the spring to needy areas along the coast. Students learn about the importance of this critical ecosystem, community service, and are able to restore acres of salt marsh—all while having fun in the process.
The Consortium partners with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources and Clemson University Cooperative Extension to provide the program, and the College of Charleston offers space in its greenhouse to grow the plants.