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Outline for Study Group Proposals

What to Include

Proposals will be ~14 pages total as detailed below.

  1. Proposal Endorsement with Title (form) (one page)
    • Names and affiliations of Team Faculty Member and Student
    • Endorsements by lead institution/organization
    • Total budget amount sought
  2. Project Summary (form) (two pages)
  3. Statements of Interest from faculty member and student (one page total)
  4. Narrative, to include the following sections: (maximum 5 pages)
    • Background and Rationale – Succinctly describe the context of the challenge that will be addressed.  Identify stakeholders and decision-makers involved.  Explain how this study group will address a critical immediate need as a step towards longer-term strategies and solutions.
    • Objective(s) – Succinctly state the target problem that will be addressed, and the project goals for this group
    • Methods – Describe the framework and process for the study group (discussion structure; engagement process; information collection, analysis, and synthesis; identification of next steps)
    • Targeted Audiences and Engagement Plan–  Describe the audience (end users) who will be engaged with the early, middle, and/or final stages of this work.  Identify Sea Grant staff who are collaborating in planning and implementation.
    • Information Products/Deliverables – Describe the output(s) of the study group.
    • Expected Outcomes  – Describe how the products listed above will affect changes in the understanding and/or actions of the target audiences, or changes to the system studied.  For example: professionals have developed new skills or gained knowledge; a community or school-group gained tools to enact change; a demonstration site leads to enhanced economic growth.
    • Related Work – Describe other efforts and/or resources that will complement the proposed work
    • Data Sharing Plan
    • References
  5. Annual Milestone Chart (form) (one page)
  6. Two-page CV for each participant – Include relevant current, pending, and past work
  7. Budget (use budget form 90-4) (one page)
  8. Budget Justification (one page)
    • Salaries and wages
    • Total travel
    • Supplies and equipment
    • Other costs
    • Matching: Match must be 50% and can include waived indirect costs.  No member of the Consortium should charge indirect costs for this award.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

NEPA requires that Federal agencies consider the environmental impacts of major Federal actions significantly affecting the quality of the human or natural environment. This form will be required if the application is selected for funding.  All research projects must furnish sufficient information to assist Sea Grant in assessing the environmental consequences of supporting the projects. Applicants will be required to cooperate with Sea Grant in identifying feasible measures to reduce or avoid any identified adverse environmental impacts of their proposal. Failure to do so shall be grounds for not selecting an application. An abbreviated Environmental Compliance (NEPA) Contact Susannah Sheldon ( for more information.