S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
Aerial view of shrimp boat.

Marine Fisheries in South Carolina

Marine fisheries refers to the industry or occupation of catching and processing wild fish and shellfish. That can include commercial fishing operations, and recreational fishing such as for-hire fishing boats. Marine fisheries have continued importance in coastal South Carolina as vital businesses and popular outdoor recreation opportunities.

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium aids the marine fishery industry by examining issues like sustainability, stock status and health, habitat needs, fishing safety, and the socioeconomic concerns of commercial fishers. Contact our Living Marine Resources extension specialists for more information.

The South Atlantic Red Snapper Research Program

The South Atlantic Red Snapper Research Program was created to address unknowns such as the population size, distribution, and density of red snapper.

South Carolina Seafood Seasonality Chart

A chart for consumers showing which seafood is in season in South Carolina throughout the year.

Fishing Regulations App

The Fish Rules app is a commercial product that provides information on saltwater and freshwater fishing regulations with an easy to understand format.

Research Reports

Cover of the publication showing shrimp boats at the docks at sunset.

South Carolina Commercial Fisheries Infrastructure Needs Assessment

​Through semi-structured interviews with dock owners and lessees across a range of coastal counties in South Carolina, this assessment identified the critical needs, threats, and impediments the commercial fishing industry faces.

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