S.C. Sea Grant Consortium

Lowcountry Network Trawl to Trash Program

2023 Community Engaged Internship Project

Location and Contact

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

S.C. Sea Grant Consortium Contacts:
Brooke Saari (brooke.saari@scseagrant.org)
Jocelyn Juliano (jocelyn.juliano@scseagrant.org)

Background and Commitments

The Community Engaged intern will support the Lowcountry Network Trawl to Trash program which seeks to build a coalition of community members, shrimpers, educators, and conservationists to remove and recycle marine debris.

The Trawl to Trash program raises awareness of marine debris by engaging the public in outreach and stewardship activities that educate communities about the impacts of litter in coastal lands and waterways. The Trawl to Trash program encourages use of upcycled stow bags made by commercial shrimpers from derelict nets to prevent littering, and to collect and remove debris from waterways.

The intern will conduct various outreach activities including, but not limited to:

  1. Assisting with the development a webpage to host information about the Trawl to Trash program in South Carolina
  2. Create a video tutorial on stow bag construction as an instructional guide for shrimpers to follow
  3. Distribute constructed stow bags and rack cards to marinas and other places where people can use them.

The intern is expected to participate in monthly project team meetings as well as biweekly check in meetings. The intern will work in the office and remotely and may require travel within South Carolina.

S.C. Sea Grant and the project partners are committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for employees of all backgrounds, cultures, identities, and abilities. We will provide accessibility support as needed. Please see our DEI Vision, Values, and Strategies page for more information.

Time Commitment

20 hours per week for up to 12 weeks, between May 15 and August 7, 2023

Stipend – $3,600 (with an additional $500 travel stipend)