S.C. Sea Grant Consortium

Add Your LID Project to the Atlas

Both public and private entities are invited to submit their LID projects in South Carolina to the LID Atlas.

Entry Instructions

To enter your LID project, please select the link below to open the data entry form. Please note that your entry will not be immediately uploaded onto the map due to our quality control process which will ensure consistent and appropriate data entry.

Information that is required for entry includes:

  • Submitter’s name, email, and affiliation
  • Property owner of LID practice
  • Publicly or privately owned property
  • Type of LID practice
  • Title of LID site
  • Physical address or coordinates
  • Brief project summary
  • Stormwater consortium in your area (choose from a list)
  • Optional:
    • Project installment/completion date
    • Project designer or engineer
    • Website or link for more information about this site
    • Photo and credit


Please direct any questions or comments to April Turner.