S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
Susan Lovelace, PhD

Jocelyn Juliano

Living Marine Resources Program Specialist

Employed by the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium since 2022.

Contact Info

(843) 953-2082

About Jocelyn Juliano

Jocelyn works with stakeholders across South Carolina to evaluate and tackle fisheries priorities. Through partnerships, she addresses issues and opportunities at the local, state, regional, and federal levels for fisheries policy and management, sustainable economic and workforce development, and seafood business operations and marketing.

Jocelyn received a B.S. in environmental science from North Carolina State University and a M.S. in marine science from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She worked on a variety of marine resource topics, including habitat use of economically important fish and crustacean species, subtidal oyster population surveys, and economic impacts analyses of North Carolina’s seafood industries.

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