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Extension ­Specialist Joins Consortium

Feb 25, 2013 | News

​Julie E. Davis has joined the S.C. Sea Grant Extension Program as a living marine resources specialist. She is completing an M.S. in fisheries and aquaculture from Auburn University.

She will focus on issues associated with fisheries policy and management, sustainable aquaculture development, seafood business planning and marketing, working waterfronts, fisheries ecology, and fisheries/aquaculture gear and technology.

In Alabama, Davis previously worked on a National Sea Grant Aquaculture Extension project, helping to develop off-bottom oyster farming in the north central Gulf of Mexico. This form of oyster farming would supply the high-value, premium, half-shell market in addition to the shucked-meat market already served.

“South Carolina and Alabama share some of the same challenges,” Davis says, “and I am excited about working with growers to adapt some of the techniques we’ve used successfully in the Gulf to South Carolina waters.”