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The S.C. Sea Grant Extension Program

Scientists in coastal South Carolina are constantly answering important questions, but their findings may be hard to find, understand, and apply.

Our program specialists are trusted members of local communities who make science-based information, expertise, and education about coastal issues available to the public. They have specialized skills in a variety of areas.

How Our Program Specialists Help

  • Gathering complex scientific information and showing people how to use it to solve problems.
  • Building relationships with local communities and decisionmakers.
  • Assisting communities in locating information and processes to solve problems.
  • Identifying and addressing local needs and issues.
  • Organizing and attending meetings, workshops, and conferences to provide and gather information.
  • Identifying research priorities for our coast based on community needs.

Our Programmatic Areas

Coastal Climate and Resilience

Working to reduce the loss of life and property in coastal communities from natural hazards such as wind, floods, storm surge, and beach erosion through planning.

Coastal Climate and Resilience Program >

Coastal Communities

Working with communities in land use planning, low impact development, regional infrastructure development, and nature-based tourism.

Coastal Communities Program >

Aerial view of an estuary system.

Coastal Environmental Quality

Helping communities enhance and conserve their environment through stormwater management, improving water quality, and preventing harmful algal blooms.

Coastal Environmental Quality Program >

Shipping containers in a port.

Coastal Economics

Tracking the economic benefits that the state’s coastal and ocean resources provide so that costs and benefits of land use and marine planning decisions are better understood.

Coastal Economics Program >

A school of crevalle jack fish under water.

Living Marine Resources

Addressing the socioeconomic, regulatory, research, and technology transfer issues facing commercial and recreational fisheries, and supporting economically and environmentally sustainable fisheries and fishing communities.

Living Marine Resources Program >