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Town of Edisto Beach Flooding and Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

Edisto Beach has experienced a sharp increase in flooding frequency from a variety of sources in the past six years. Extreme events have resulted in the most significant impacts with regard to scale, duration, and level of disruption. However, the rising sea level also is exacerbating problems currently and leading to additional challenges such as corroding underground infrastructure and decreasing stormwater drainage capacity. The report provides an overview of the town, an assessment of risks and impacts as well as concerns for the future. It was presented to the Town of Edisto Beach Town Council February 10, 2022.

The Town of Edisto Beach can work with residents and property owners to identify measures to reduce flooding disruption and damage in the short and mid-ranges. Studying groundwater and developing impact-based timelines are crucial next steps. Continued and sustained engagement with residents and property owners is essential to educate about the increasing risks, what the town is able to do, and what residents themselves can do to ensure a safe and livable property within impact-based timelines.