S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
Aerial view of sea and saltmarsh.

Ecosystem Services in South Carolina

Ecosystem services are the benefits that humans receive from healthy ecosystems. They are the goods and services produced by nature. For example, fish as food, timber for homes, clean air from trees, clean water from oyster reefs, and scenic beauty provided by beaches and wetlands. Ecosystem services contribute to human health and well-being and healthier natural resources provide more ecosystem services.

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium evaluates ecosystem services through market and non-market valuation techniques so that the costs and benefits of land use and marine planning decisions are better understood.

Current Research Projects

Socioeconomic evaluation of stormwater control measures to guide decision-making in coastal South Carolina

The goal of this research is to produce a full cost analysis and benefit valuation of stormwater control measures as well as an understanding of social acceptability to ensure communities cost-effectively achieve their water quality goals when planning and implementing stormwater control.