S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
Susan Lovelace, PhD

Duncan Williamson

Coastal Resilience Graduate Assistant

Employed by the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium since 2022.

Contact Info

(864) 506-1440

About Duncan Williamson

Duncan works with the Consortium’s extension program specialists on coastal resilience activities, including workshops and public communication, co-authoring reports and proposals, geospatial analysis and mapping, data collection, and application development. He also assists in the development of tidal flooding vulnerability assessments for coastal communities, engaging with municipal staff and residents throughout the process.

Duncan earned a B.S. in environmental and natural resources management from Clemson University. He currently is a graduate student at the College of Charleston, pursuing a M.S. in environmental and sustainability studies with an emphasis on enhancing GIS skills. In addition, Duncan works as a research assistant at the Lowcountry Hazards Center at the College of Charleston, performing geospatial analyses using GIS technology.