S.C. Sea Grant Consortium

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Consortium Awarded $500K to Study Feasibility of Applying Dredge Material to Marsh

Mar 2, 2023

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium was recently awarded nearly $500,000 over four years from a joint grant competition of the NOAA National Sea Grant College Program and U.S. Coastal Research Program to develop an assessment framework on the benefits and feasibility of Thin Layer Placement (TLP) in South Carolina.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District.

TLP, also known as marsh nourishment, is a process where sediment from dredging is transported and applied in a thin layer to the marsh surface. TLP can be a beneficial restoration technique used by engineers and coastal managers to increase marsh resilience to sea-level rise and storms. The project team includes Consortium staff, as well as scientists at S.C. Department of Natural Resources, College of Charleston, Coastal Carolina University, and Louisiana State University.

Outreach products will include a story map for the general public that highlights the various findings; educational content for K-12 schools about coastal wetland economic services; a comprehensive decision-support framework for agencies and communities; and an online support tool to guide decision-making that maximizes socio-ecological well-being related to coastal zone management decisions. This project also could serve as a demonstration guide for other marsh environments in the Southeast.

For more information, contact Katie Finegan, Coastal Processes program specialist, at (843) 349-5017.