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Consortium Assists Town of McClellanville with Preserving Working Waterfront

Aug 29, 2021 | News

Since 2017, S.C. Sea Grant Consortium has collaborated with the Town of McClellanville, its residents, industry partners, watermen, and local nonprofit organizations to develop and implement a comprehensive master management plan and viable business model to protect and sustain the cultural and economic values of the town’s working waterfronts. The town reached out to the Consortium for assistance with the “Preserving McClellanville’s Working Waterfront Initiative.”

Shrimp boats at dock in McClellanville.

The Consortium and partners collaborated to leverage funding and resources from two Municipal Association of South Carolina Hometown Economic Development grants and a Catch Together grant, combined with the Consortium’s S.C. Coastal Communities Initiative mini-grant program. Input from community visioning sessions and recommendations from the waterfront master plan were used to achieve additional goals.

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