S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
A distant beach sunset with sea oats in front of it.

Professional Conferences and Workshops

Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Conference

Portland, Oregon
November 12-16, 2023

This 27th biennial conference will focus on resilience and recovery in response to changes within the scientific community. Join scientists and researchers to connect science and society in the collective goals of preserving coastal and estuarine habitats, resources, and heritage.

Social Coast Forum

Charleston, South Carolina
February 12-15, 2024

This forum will focus on applying social science data, tools, and practices to address climate-change issues related to human health, food security, transportation, the economy, and the environment, especially in historically marginalized communities which often have the most adverse impacts.

Ocean Sciences Meeting

New Orleans, Louisiana
February 18-23, 2024

This conference will bring together a diverse community of scientists, students, journalists, policymakers, and educators who, through collaborations and partnerships, are working toward a sustainable future for the world.

S.C. Association for Hazard Mitigation Annual Conference

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
March 17-20, 2024

This conference will highlight proven activities related to the protection of people and property from impacts of floods, storms, and other hazards, and the importance of maintaining core activities through comprehensive hazard-mitigation efforts.

National Watershed and Stormwater Conference

Kansas City, Missouri
April 8-11, 2024

This conference will provide a forum for watershed and stormwater professionals to learn how to increase communities’ resilience to water resources threats. Water resource managers, practitioners, researchers, and regulators from the U.S. will be participating.