S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
A distant beach sunset with sea oats in front of it.

Professional Conferences and Workshops

Aquatic Plant Management Society Annual Meeting

Indianapolis, Indiana
July 24-27, 2023

The 63rd annual meeting will feature presentations and poster sessions on the cutting edge of aquatic plant and algal management research. Sessions will include the biology and ecology of aquatic and wetland plants and algae, control methods for invasive species, and successful restoration projects using wetland or aquatic plants and algae.

American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting

Grand Rapids, Michigan
August 20-24, 2023

The 153rd annual meeting is themed “Adaptive Approaches to Understand and Manage Changes in Fisheries,” and will feature sessions focused on stressors impacting fisheries and their ecosystems. Researchers, students, and professionals from the U.S. and around the world will share innovations and management strategies to address the future of global fisheries.

National Extension Tourism Network Conference

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
September 24-27, 2023

This year’s conference is themed “Envisioning the Future of Extension in Tourism.” Extension professionals, academic faculty, and industry professionals will share tourism and outdoor recreation initiatives, research, and success stories, including recent lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and social justice issues.

Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Conference

Portland, Oregon
November 12-16, 2023

This 27th biennial conference will focus on resilience and recovery in response to changes within the scientific community. Join scientists and researchers to connect science and society in the collective goals of preserving coastal and estuarine habitats, resources, and heritage.