S.C. Sea Grant Consortium

Community Engaged Internships Application Guide


2023 applications are due May 2.

Projects can run anytime during May-August, depending on time commitment needed.

Application Instructions

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of Consortium staff and community members. Please submit all of the documents below to apply:

  1. About You
    1. Name, Address, Email and Phone number
    2. School
    3. Year
    4. Major selected (or “still deciding”)
  2. Which CEI project you are applying for (see “2023 Projects” above)
  3. One-page resume.
  4. Provide answers to these questions:
    1. Introductory icebreaker – 2-3 sentences describing your background and interests
    2. How does this internship advance your education and career goals? (~250 words)
    3. How will completion of this project benefit the community? (~250 words each)
  5. One letter of support, either from a faculty member or instructor, a previous employer, or an academic mentor with whom you have worked.

These should be submitted by email to proposals@scseagrant.org with subject line: CEI application.