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Marsh with sky reflected in water.

Coastal Environmental Quality

What is Coastal Environmental Quality?

Coastal environmental quality deals with water quality, air quality, plastics pollution, contaminants, and other environmental issues that can affect the health of South Carolina’s residents and visitors.

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium works closely with state natural resource managers, community groups, scientists, universities, and decision-makers to improve our coastal environmental quality by providing them with science-based information and tools.

Water Quality Monitoring

S.C. Coastal Water Monitoring Portal

Map tool for viewing water monitoring data from academic institutions and South Carolina state/federal agencies.

S.C. Beach Water Quality Guide

Map tool for viewing beach water quality information (May through October).

Harmful Algae and Bacteria (HAB)

Phytoplankton under a microscope.

S.C. Task Group on Harmful Algae

A task group to discuss, plan, develop, and coordinate the activities of scientists, natural resource managers, communications staff, and extension personnel so that South Carolinians will be prepared in the event of a harmful algae outbreak in the state’s waterways.

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