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Coastal Climate and Resilience Program

Coastal South Carolina residents face a variety of weather- and climate-related hazards, including hurricanes, storm surge, beach erosion, and coastal flooding.

The Coastal Climate and Resilience specialists at the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium work to increase community resilience in the face of natural hazards, as well as develop, evaluate, and provide information on the impact of climate change on Coastal Carolina.

Partners include the Charleston Resilience Network, College of Charleston Lowcountry Hazards Center, and the Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments (CISA) Program, a NOAA supported program housed at the University of South Carolina.


Sarah Watson
Coastal Climate and Resilience Specialist
(843) 953-2097

Landon Knapp
Coastal Resilience Specialist
(843) 953-2091

Recent Projects in Coastal Climate and Resilience

Water pipe infrastructure.

Susceptibility of Public Health Impacts from Flooded Water, Wastewater, and Public Health Infrastructure

This project assessed vulnerability to extreme events and rising sea levels by identifying the populations most susceptible to public health risks from infrastructure failure due to flooding. With input from municipal managers, health system managers, water utility specialists, health care experts, state agency managers, and others, the project developed an assessment tool to allow other communities to conduct similar assessments.

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A group of people at the forum.

Our Coastal Future Forum

This project explored a new process to include citizens, natural resource managers, scientists, and government officials in a supportive setting to discuss the coastal future of South Carolina. Deliberative discussion was used to bridge the sometimes opposing opinions on environmental issues. The project was guided by a panel of scientific experts and a panel of community leaders to assure that the science and issues are on-point for our coastal areas.

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Beaufort SC, showing the community and waterfront.

Cities of Beaufort/Port Royal Community-Based Sea Level Rise Task Force

Citizens of Beaufort and Port Royal recognized the long-term threat that rising seas pose to the health and well-being of their community. They formed a sea-level rise task force to help guide the community to become more resilient to future sea level rise and thus protect their coastal economy.

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium, in partnership with CISA, provided the professional support for the Task Force to help guide the information collection and planning process.

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