S.C. Sea Grant Consortium

Charleston Heat Health Project

2023 Community Engaged Internship Project

About the Project

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

S.C. Sea Grant Consortium Contacts
Amanda Guthrie (amanda.guthrie@scseagrant.org)

The Community Engaged Intern will establish and foster relationships with community members, academic researchers and engineers, and city and/or county staff to discuss reducing the impacts of heat within Charleston County. Working alongside the project team (The Citadel, S.C. Sea Grant Consortium, Charleston County), the Intern will work to understand the extent that communities are aware of the need for, and the potential for heat-reduction mechanisms in urban environments. They will relay community perspectives to city or county staff for future planning considerations. Furthermore, as some areas have already had their roads treated, the Intern will evaluate the effectiveness of the road coating’s heat reduction properties within Charleston County.

Evaluation techniques can include thermal imaging assessments and Wet Bulb Globe Temperature assessments. Wet Bulb Globe Temperature is an accurate “feels-like” temperature reading because it incorporates solar radiance, wind cooling, temperature, and humidity. While road heat-reduction treatments have been tested in other cities, there is a need to evaluate the coating’s effectiveness within Charleston County. The Intern will connect with community members that are in areas where the coating has already been or will be applied in the near future.

The internship is part time (30 hours per week) and includes professional development opportunities. The intern is expected to participate in bi-weekly project team meetings as well as regular check in meetings. Through a contract, the intern will work in the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium office and remotely. There will be required travel within Charleston County, and there may be required travel to other South Carolina counties.

Background and Commitments

A student intern will support the “Charleston Heat Health Research Project” (CHHRP). CHHRP is working to raise awareness of heat impacts on health by collaborating on research projects, facilitating cross agency discussions, and working with the community.

S.C. Sea Grant and the project partners are committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for employees of all backgrounds, cultures, identities, and abilities. We will provide accessibility support as needed. Please see our DEI Vision, Values, and Strategies page for more information.

Time Commitment

30 hours per week for up to 12 weeks, between May 15 and August 7, 2023

Stipend: $5,400 (with additional $700 travel stipend)