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News Story

Blue Carbon Database to be Developed

Feb 13, 2023

First Horizon Foundation is contributing funds toward the development of a Blue Carbon database for the Southeast and northern Gulf of Mexico coasts. The Consortium will lead the creation of a GIS-based tool that will provide a regional inventory of potential Blue Carbon projects, including those that may allow for carbon offsets to support net zero commitments across the U.S.

First Horizon hosted a Blue Carbon Roundtable that brought together leaders in the scientific and private sectors to discuss current challenges and advance understanding of emerging climate solutions. The roundtable culminated in the development of a Blue Carbon Working Group and the need for a database of Blue Carbon projects.

The publicly available database, expected to be completed by spring 2024, will identify potential pathways for private sector investment in coastal natural resources through Blue Carbon crediting. Additional benefits could include protecting coastal wetlands, sustaining biodiverse habitats, and community resiliency to natural hazards and climate change effects, including sea-level rise