S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
Beaufort County Adapts - Sea Level Impacts Beneath our Feet

Beaufort County Adapts

Beaufort County Adapts brings together scientists, residents, and decision-makers to prepare for impacts of sea-level rise on local groundwater and infrastructure.

Why is This Important?

Groundwater levels and salt content (aka salinity), impacts agriculture, natural forests, and buried infrastructure such as septic systems.

Here’s What We’re Doing

Collect the Science

  • Study groundwater change in four Beaufort communities
  • Build a model of how sea level rise affects local groundwater
  • Create maps of essential infrastructure

Engage Decision-Makers

  • Identify which infrastructure and social services are vulnerable to sea-level change
  • Create a framework for proactive decision-making based on data

Our Community Focus

We are working with the following communities to learn about how flooding impacts daily life and co-create ideas to build resilience:

  1. St. Helena Island
  2. City Of Beaufort – Mossy Oaks
  3. Town of Port Royal – Shell Point
  4. Town of Bluffton – Alljoy
Sunset over a tidal creek and marsh in Beaufort County.
A map of Beaufort County showing the location of 4 key communities.