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S.C. Sea Grant Consortium Extension

What is the Extension Program?

Scientists in coastal South Carolina are constantly answering important questions, but their findings may be hard to find, understand, and apply.

Our program specialists are trusted members of local communities who make science-based information, expertise, and education about coastal issues available to the public. They have specialized skills in a variety of areas.

How Our Program Specialists Help

  • Gathering complex scientific information and showing people how to use it to solve problems.
  • Addressing local needs and issues in their specialty areas.
  • Assisting with setting research priorities for the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium based on community needs.
  • Organizing and attending workshops and conferences to provide and gather information.
  • Building relationships with local communities and decisionmakers.

How to Contact an Extension Specialist

If you need assistance or advice in any of our programmatic areas, reach out to a specialist.