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2018-2020 Research Projects

Sustainable Coastal Development and Economy

Project R/CG-02: Socioeconomic evaluation of stormwater control measures to guide decision-making in coastal South Carolina.

Marzieh Motallebi and Daniel Hitchcock, Clemson University; Erik Smith, University of South Carolina; Susan Lovelace, S.C. Sea Grant Consortium. Researchers will analyze the costs and benefits of implementing various stormwater control measures, not just in terms of construction but over the span of their lifetimes. The goal is to help communities determine which stormwater control measures best fit their plans. Full Project Description

Project R/CG-03: Relating nonpoint source biochemical oxygen demand loading to land-use and stormwater-management practices in coastal South Carolina.

Erik Smith, University of South Carolina. The occurrence of low dissolved oxygen is the leading cause of water quality impairment in the coastal zone. This research will examine the biochemical oxygen demand in waters related to various stormwater control measures, with the goal of helping stormwater managers plan future practices. Full Project Description

Project R/CG-04: Linking land use to changes in physical processes in creeks and estuaries: Implications for increased development and changes in climate and weather.

Andrew Tweel, Denise Sanger, and Stacie Crowe, S.C. Department of Natural Resources. Researchers will investigate how water quality following rain varies along the length of tidal creek systems in areas with various types and intensity of development. The results can be utilized to improve land-use planning. Full Project Description