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2010-2012 Research Projects: Scientific Literacy and Workforce Development

Project: The Gulf Stream Transect Oceanography Program (GuSTO): Undergraduate Workforce Training in Ocean Science Research

Principal Investigator

Leslie R. Sautter, College of Charleston

Project Number


Research Description

Traditional undergraduate education provides the students with general knowledge on a variety of topics, but usually falls short of ample hands-on experiences that can be directly applied to most employments. This shortcoming is more acute in marine science operations and jobs, which can take place on-board sea-going vessels and require specific experiences. Undergraduate science students, including underrepresented minority students, will participate in an in-depth research and skills training program not currently available in the southeast. Students will undergo the entire scientific process from developing a hypothesis to presentation of final results to a scientific audience.

The project objectives are to (1) train undergraduate students in field and laboratory methods of ocean science by conducting actual and relevant research at-sea and in the laboratory, (2) actively recruit underrepresented students into ocean sciences through this research experience, (3) examine the physical and biological connectivity between southeast and northeast U.S. continental shelves and the role of the Gulf Stream, and (4) identify and characterize paleo-shoreline features along the continental shelf edge of the South Atlantic and Mid-Atlantic Bights.

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Leslie R. Sautter (