S.C. Sea Grant Consortium

2008-2010 Research Projects

Every two years, the Consortium asks researchers to submit proposals for the funding provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration through the National Sea Grant College Program.

Each project undergoes a rigorous peer review. The selected projects support critical research goals for our state and region.

Humans and the Coastal Landscape

Research Vision: The focus of this program is to provide research and outreach programs that assess the natural processes and valuation of resources as well as documenting the impacts of land use change on marine and coastal resources.

Humans and the Risks of Coastal Natural Hazards

Research Vision: The focus of this program is to provide research, technical, and educational programs that examine the forces of climate and hazards and their effects on the built and natural environment and socio-economic impacts. The program will also provide information to the public and private sectors on the nature of hazards and how to plan for and recover from them.

Coastal-Dependent Economy

Research Vision: The focus of this priority area is to conduct research, education, and extension projects dealing with production and resource economics, policy, law, regulation, preservation, and development of coastal resources in relation to a coastal-dependent economy.