S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
Making It Habit: Descending Devices and Best Fishing Practices to Mitigate Barotrauma

Coastal Science Serving South Carolina

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium is a university-based program that generates and provides science-based information to support the wise use and conservation of South Carolina’s coastal resources and create a sustainable economy and environment.

Operating a heat tracking device.


We facilitate coastal and marine research by identifying and funding peer-reviewed projects that address critical data needs for our state and region.


We support the informational needs of coastal residents by making science-based information, expertise, and education about coastal issues available to the public.

Researchers install sensors in a salt marsh.
A group of teachers learn about Spartina in a salt marsh.


We develop resources for educators and students such as educator training, education programs, and undergraduate and graduate support to further ocean science education.

Coastal Heritage Magazine

Where the Wild Places Are: Captivating Carolina Bays

Where the Wild Places Are: Captivating Carolina Bays

Carolina bays have long captured the human imagination. From asteroids to whale wallows to melting glaciers, origin stories of these unique elliptical depressions found throughout the Atlantic Coastal Plain continue to provide intrigue.

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