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New Crop of Teachers Learns about K-12 Shoreline Restoration Program

Welcome to the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium

The Consortium is a university-based program that supports the wise use and conservation of South Carolina’s coastal resources to create a sustainable economy and environment. Learn more about us.

Our Work

Blue green algae in a dish.

Facilitating and Funding Coastal and Marine Research

Two women clapping at a presentation with other audience members in the background.

Supporting the Informational Needs of Coastal Residents

Several young students in life jackets examine marine life.

Developing Resources for Educators and Students

Latest Publications and News

Citizen Science: Encouraging Public Engagement

Citizen Science: Encouraging Public Engagement

Researchers increasingly are turning to volunteers who are willing to scour beaches for sea turtle tracks or check a backyard rain gauge daily, and the data gathered in these basic chores is helping propel science forward.

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Stormwater Ponds Research Details Benefits

Stormwater Ponds Research Details Benefits

S.C. Sea Grant Consortium researchers with the College of Charleston published a journal article detailing the effectiveness of stormwater ponds for reducing flooding and improving water quality.

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