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Linking Land Use to Water Quality in South Carolina
by: Calvin B Sawyer, S.C. Sea Grant Extension Program


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The Setting
The Need for NEMO
Project Description
The NEMO Strategy


It remains to be seen what the long term impacts will be as a result of the South Carolina NEMO program. Local officials in the target watersheds are being educated that water quality cannot be treated as a stand-alone issue divorced from other local quality of life considerations such as urban sprawl, traffic, road maintenance, open space planning and neighborhood character. Rather, nonpoint source pollution should be a consideration addressed in combination with these other issues. In this way, NEMO will serve as a catalyst for change by enabling local officials to better incorporate water resource protection into their everyday decisions.

End Notes

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Calvin B. Sawyer
SC Sea Grant Extension Program
259 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29401
Phone: 843/722.5940
Fax: 843/722.5944

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