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national nemo logoThe National NEMO Network is a group of affiliated projects around the country that educate local land use decision-makers about the impacts of land use on water quality, and ultimately, the relationship of land use to natural resource protection. Although the National NEMO Network projects vary in topical focus, they share three common elements:
    1) all programs are educational;
    2) land use is the central focus; and
    3) technology is used to enhance message delivery.

The Network programs are non-regulatory, research-based educational outreach programs that emphasize natural resource-based planning, innovative site design, and best management practices to better assist community leaders/local decision-makers with strategies to better promote natural resources while accommodating growth.

The Network is currently comprised of 20 funded projects in 19 states. NEMO Network projects are tailored to the land use issues and natural resource management priorities of a given state, region or county. Network projects are typically multi-agency consortia that often include University-based Cooperative Extension and Sea Grant Extension programs, state and regional natural resource and planning agencies, and nonprofit organizations. The National NEMO Web site provides an overview of the diverse National NEMO Network, and serves as the primary communication “hub” for information sharing among network members.

       National NEMO Network
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