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Please identify additional economic development objectives not identified above.
#Response DateComment
1.Mon, 10/16/06 8:32 PMN/A
2.Mon, 10/16/06 11:02 PMThe socio-economic impact of various environmental uses on the Gullah/Geechee communities and their ability to sustain traditional fishing methods and practices.
3.Tue, 10/17/06 9:44 AMGet tourism out of mind as first priority & keep the assest FIRST then tourism will come where paradise still lives. Use Atax money for maintaining SC's asset that brings tourism.
4.Tue, 10/17/06 1:40 PMValuation of hurricane economic models.
5.Tue, 10/17/06 1:45 PMna
6.Tue, 10/17/06 2:15 PMCreating new Markets for local fisheries
7.Wed, 11/15/06 7:18 PMConsider SG role in applying these strategies to rural communities that are not on marine coastal waters, but are in the "lowcountry" region & located on inland waterways feeding coastal watershed
8.Sun, 12/10/06 11:27 PMnone