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Please identify additional coastal natural hazard objectives not identified above.
#Response DateComment
1.Mon, 10/16/06 8:24 PMneed to talk to Chs Cnty Project Impact for duplication/ coordination
2.Mon, 10/16/06 8:32 PMN/A
3.Tue, 10/17/06 9:44 AMDon't build on areas that has proven bad practice & increase risk.
4.Tue, 10/17/06 1:25 PMEradicating residential waterfront development
5.Tue, 10/17/06 1:45 PMna
6.Tue, 10/17/06 2:15 PMTsunami effects
7.Wed, 10/18/06 12:24 PMCommunication methods should be studied for their effectiveness. A lot if information is available, but it doesn't seem to get to the public in an effective fashion.
8.Thu, 10/19/06 8:11 PMUnderstanding the anthropogenic contributions to global climate change and promoting behaviors, products, and alternative energy sources that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
9.Wed, 11/15/06 4:56 PMUnderstanding and defining the hazards and threats of HAB blooms in retention ponds.
10.Wed, 11/15/06 7:18 PMCommunity preparedness materials targeted to specific sectors - private homeowner, tourism businesses (hotels, restaurants), public sector, tourists; id specific training needs/gaps for each sector
11.Thu, 11/16/06 6:50 PMother groups can do much of item 12
12.Tue, 11/21/06 6:01 PMVideos and other directed materials need to be generated
13.Thu, 12/7/06 11:14 PMSocietal impacts of coastal hazards
14.Sun, 12/10/06 11:27 PMnone
15.Mon, 12/25/06 11:13 AMThe solutionn is obvious - if you don't want your home washed away in the next hurricane - duh - don't build it on the beach!