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Please identify additional natural process objectives not identified above.
#Response DateComment
1.Mon, 10/16/06 8:32 PMN/A
2.Mon, 10/16/06 9:04 PMeffects of reverse sloping on waters edge
3.Mon, 10/16/06 9:38 PMIn 6, most of these should be NWS or otehr NOAA program objectives, Not Sea Grant
4.Mon, 10/16/06 10:36 PMValue of Coast!
5.Mon, 10/16/06 11:02 PMThe effects of recreational activities in the waterways on land uses and sustainability of the ocean's resources.
6.Tue, 10/17/06 1:45 PMna
7.Tue, 10/17/06 2:04 PMPredictive tools for fisheries, based on OOS
8.Tue, 10/17/06 2:15 PMEcosystem based biological monitoring
9.Tue, 10/17/06 2:28 PMfood chain interactions
10.Tue, 10/17/06 7:10 PMSedimentation and erosion in estuaries.
11.Wed, 10/18/06 12:24 PMLong term data (monitoring) of various entities.
12.Wed, 10/18/06 1:27 PMHow do Marinas impact the coast
13.Wed, 10/18/06 4:21 PMHomew with earthquake and hurricane preparedness
14.Tue, 11/14/06 9:24 PMPredictive tools for invasive species and/or harmful algal blooms.
15.Wed, 11/15/06 12:09 AMhydrology processes that control water quality in the coastal zone (e.g., runoff)
16.Wed, 11/15/06 1:44 PMUnderstand the interaction between anthropogenic inputs (e.g. wastewater runoff) and naturally occurring fluxes in particulate matter in the near-shore environment
17.Wed, 11/15/06 4:56 PMUnderstand and predict the sources and fate of pathogens and contaminants. Understand and predict land use changes and their consequences to coastal ecosystems and communities.
18.Thu, 11/16/06 6:50 PMcauses of high bacteria levels
19.Fri, 11/17/06 1:40 PMEconomic and social value of healthy and vibrant commercial fisheries.
20.Mon, 11/20/06 1:10 PMEffects of Pollutants on the Environment
21.Mon, 11/20/06 7:16 PMnatural area fragmentation; hydrologic impacts of small wetland loss thru ditching and draining
22.Tue, 11/21/06 4:03 PMRise of sea level against the shoreline
23.Tue, 11/21/06 6:01 PMMain problem with above is that they are expensive and unlike other state SG programs the dollar support for a proposal is still relatively low/year. Hence many of the above questions are too costly
24.Wed, 11/22/06 1:01 PMValue of clean water and healthy ecosystems to quality of life for coastal residents and visitors
25.Mon, 11/27/06 6:40 PMpredictive tools for effects of natural processes on fishery recruitment
26.Tue, 12/5/06 2:52 PMBeaufort County's estuarine system and its relation to the Gulfstream
27.Thu, 12/7/06 9:23 PMbiological population natural variability
28.Fri, 12/8/06 1:19 PMLong Term Effects of causeways and bridges across marshes to coastal islands.
29.Fri, 12/8/06 5:04 PMCoastal Land Change
30.Sun, 12/10/06 2:00 AMspecies interactions
31.Sun, 12/10/06 11:27 PMnone
32.Mon, 12/25/06 11:13 AMStudying often implies controlling or impassive prediciting of "natural" processes.