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Please identify additional major issues not identified above.
#Response DateComment
1.Mon, 10/16/06 8:29 PMN/A
2.Mon, 10/16/06 8:45 PMTranslation of any current Best Practices into actual and useful local regulations - that officials will adopt. Assistance with priortizing (sic) environmental problems & risks to help local administrators invest staff and $$ more expertly. Standardizing regional water monitoring. Establishing more collection points, more base data and online result tracking mapping of entire regions by months and years. Field reports should also be related to mapped sites and online access given to the public.
3.Mon, 10/16/06 9:30 PMSome of these are not really Sea Grant missions or are too expensive for Sea Grant to fund. Should be done by other NOAA programs or other agencies
4.Mon, 10/16/06 10:26 PMMore balanced presentations of how the uses of the environment affect the lives of the community of that environment for example the effects of building and its disruption of Gullah/Geechee culture.
5.Mon, 10/16/06 10:32 PMWater Quality!
6.Tue, 10/17/06 12:01 AMBe able to objectively evaluate the cost of controlling beach erosion from an environmental vs. an economic standpoint before committing the huge effort and cost to such undertakings.
7.Tue, 10/17/06 1:17 AMimpact of new energy intiatives on coastal communities
8.Tue, 10/17/06 9:31 AMWe must realize that if we put all our resources on pleasing the developer that there will be no resources or no coast environment that attracts the economic and it most certain will not be ENHANCED.
9.Tue, 10/17/06 12:46 PMEffects of coastal runoff on nearshore area, particularly as related to Hypoxia. Development of new seafood harvesting methods that are cost-effective and sustainable. Determining the subtle, chronic effects of various common pollutants on marine fauna. Assessing public opinion and will related to sustainable coastal development.
10.Tue, 10/17/06 1:16 PMEnsure the econoimc viability of being a part of that workforce, and ensure adequate pay scales be applied to those positions so as to attract the greatest level of education and talent.
11.Tue, 10/17/06 1:18 PMImpact of Climate Change and development of education and assistance with policy development.
12.Tue, 10/17/06 1:29 PMLack of long-term coastal observations, therefore no oceanic climate record. Lack of NOAA budget for research initiatives, general lack of Federal support.
13.Tue, 10/17/06 1:38 PMNA
14.Tue, 10/17/06 1:58 PMEffects of Development on Water Quality and it's eventual effect on Fisheries
15.Tue, 10/17/06 2:18 PMResearch on the impact of fishing and aquaculture on natural populations Research at the ecosystem level to identify interrelationships
16.Tue, 10/17/06 3:09 PMEducating local decision makers
17.Tue, 10/17/06 6:59 PMUnder 'ecosystem health' (above), South Carolina should be particularly tuned into the estuarine environment.
18.Tue, 10/17/06 8:28 PMExamine relationships within and among freshwater wetlands, surface waters and coastal and marine resources
19.Wed, 10/18/06 12:15 PMIdentify and understand who manages the coastal environment. If SC is like other states this is diffuse and no one is responsible for coordination of programs to prevent duplication overlap and mixed messages. All the education, research etc above does little good because there is no unified policy and no one is in charge.
20.Wed, 10/18/06 1:23 PMIdentify the cost(s) of living the way we do currently. People have no idea why there needs to be a change because they have no idea of the costs of our current lifestyle. By the way, I'd be happy to be part of a community advisory group to Sea Grant.
21.Thu, 10/19/06 6:00 PMDevelop and enhnace the public's understanding of the global nature of the oceans - our weather, our food, our lives are all entertwined with the health of our seas.
22.Sun, 10/22/06 11:34 PMMandatory education should be required for elected municipal officials and planning and zoning boards. These people do not voluntarily attend education programs and therefore make decisions that adversly effect the coastline because they lack education.
23.Mon, 10/30/06 2:45 PMVery broad, a bit unclear; linked to CZMA?
24.Tue, 10/31/06 2:45 PMThe effects of global climate change on South Carolina. Policy discussions to center on retreating from the coast when the sea level increase by 5 meters in the next 50 years.
25.Tue, 10/31/06 3:17 PMIdentifying every day low tech ways that the public can participate in helping to protect coastal environment and resources. If people could get a handle on a simple way to contribute, it would increase understanding. For example, from another sector, conserving electricity by switching to flourescent bulbs. Convincing people to landscape with native plants that don't require fertilizer, etc.
26.Tue, 11/14/06 9:15 PMEnsure that endangered, threatened and sensitive species and their habitats are recognized, monitored and protected.
27.Wed, 11/15/06 12:03 AMUnderstand the influences of and impacts on the near-coastal terrestrial environment on coastal and marine resources.
28.Wed, 11/15/06 3:27 AMUnderstand effects of and global climate change on coastal ecosystems and communities. Plan for possible rise in sea level.
29.Wed, 11/15/06 1:40 PMContribute to defining the relationship between productive coastal ecosystems and human health and well-being
30.Wed, 11/15/06 2:00 PMThe necessity of "marine science based organizations" such as Sea Grant to interface woth the SC politicians to advance their program.
31.Wed, 11/15/06 4:53 PMI think SeaGrant's role should be as a bridge between science and policy/education, not so much as a direct research group.
32.Wed, 11/15/06 6:09 PMDevelop formal and informal training programs/strategies that target marine resources decision-makers (managers, industry stakeholders, NGO and policy-makers) specifically with regard to understanding scientific and socio-economic data and use of this data in decision-making. Facilitate development of cooperative research and management at the regional level within the state and in the southeast region as a means to build capacity for ecosystem management. (This includes developing and evaluating training that builds cooperative management/research skills. Also, consider existing cooperative research program in the state as a form of training and evaluate power of this program to facilitate cooperative learning capacity and to enhance knowledge, skills, and abilities of fishers and scientists (particularly re: scientific process and integration of local knowledge as well as confidence to engage in process).
33.Wed, 11/15/06 11:05 PMA number of organizations are advocating against development in the coastal zones. A need exists for an advocate for sustainable development so that the real estate business can be brought into the efforts to protect the estuaries and waterways and the marine ecosystems. The Consortium has the opportunity to be the convenorof the disparate parties with the mission of developing acceptable practices. The Urban Land Institute is my suggestion for the real estate organization to be contacted for cooperation.
34.Thu, 11/16/06 1:11 AMThe right to continue to harvest food from the creeks and rivers with out being fined for during so.
35.Thu, 11/16/06 2:10 PMShould include climate change as a seperate category if not considered a human impact. May want to discrimate between local anthropogenic impacts and those global in nature.
36.Thu, 11/16/06 6:28 PMDevelop online access to local and regional datasets
37.Fri, 11/17/06 1:32 PMSupport working waterfronts to maintain and improve commercial fishery infrastructure.
38.Fri, 11/17/06 2:12 PMDevelop and enhance coastal planning and development programs to address coastal community needs and sustainable economic development (e.g., public access; boating and waterway management; addressing coastal construction/conservation issues).
39.Sat, 11/18/06 8:08 AMThe major issues are that no one is responsible. I have been in groups trained to test water quality and they never used me then the next year they had grant money to train people & wanted to train again. I've also been in groups & my data was never used. Another major problem is no one wants the conserving of resources to affect them and their good ole boy friends. Therefore grandfathered mistakes happens over & over.
40.Mon, 11/20/06 6:12 PMUnderstand the causes and effects of global warming and make these effects known to the public.
41.Mon, 11/20/06 7:07 PMstormwater technologies that maximize wq treatment of bacteria and nitrogen in flat, sandy soil, high water table areas
42.Tue, 11/21/06 5:54 PMRestoration Science, Value of Habitats in a Landscape, Remote Sensing and connection with many of the above, Foster Better interactions and communication with local, state and federal entities, more collaboration with other PIs using multistate proposals
43.Wed, 11/22/06 12:48 PMAssist local governments in carrying out duties related to conservation of ocean and coastal resources. Localities are often poorly equipped to handle this task with technical assistance from external sources.
44.Thu, 11/23/06 12:38 PMProtection and enhancement of estuaries and inland river systems
45.Thu, 11/30/06 6:37 PMFisheries enhancement commercial and recreational.
46.Thu, 11/30/06 7:41 PMFisheries enhancement through stocking.
47.Thu, 12/7/06 3:43 PMHuman mental and physical health correlations with living and working in areas that protect natural resources.
48.Thu, 12/7/06 5:04 PMSpecifically global warming and environmental degredation due to increased coastal growth and development do not seem to be well represented in this otherwise good list of important topics. As bitter as the pill is to take for developers, we need to put the brakes on reckless growth and development.
49.Thu, 12/7/06 6:15 PMEducation of the public on how their everyday activities can affect the health of the natural environment, and how that in turn affects their own health and quality of life.
50.Thu, 12/7/06 6:36 PM1. Potential effects of sea level rise (or fluctuations of sea level) on coastal environments -- could fall under #1 above
51.Thu, 12/7/06 7:14 PMUnderstand how climate change will affect the natural and human environments in the coastal zone. level of importance = very high
52.Thu, 12/7/06 7:26 PMWork directly with policy and decision makers so that they better understand critical coastal issues.
53.Thu, 12/7/06 8:01 PMIt sort of fits under other headings, but water and air pollution from runoff and automobiles should receive considerable attention.
54.Fri, 12/8/06 1:23 AMAdequacy of environmental regulations, particularly with respect to stormwater and quality BMPs.
55.Fri, 12/8/06 3:59 PMNA
56.Fri, 12/8/06 4:45 PMThe Nationwide Permit Program is destroying critical coastal wetlands (functions and Values) in a piecemeal fashion. Develop research programs that can elucidate the real impact of the NWP on coatsal ecosystem health. Apply the resultes to regulatory change within the state.
57.Fri, 12/8/06 6:39 PMThe writing is on the wall for commercial fisheries...don't waste any funds trying to save a terminal patient. We cannot allow our use and development of the coast to degrade the very environment that supports us.
58.Fri, 12/8/06 9:50 PMGlobal climate change could fall under observing systems or ecosystems, but it is likely to become such an overarching force that will radically alter our coasts, I think global change and sea level rise should be identified as priority areas.
59.Sat, 12/9/06 7:07 PMSupport the prevention/control of urban and suburban sprawl and its associated pollution.
60.Sun, 12/10/06 1:51 AMWorking with other agencies within SC to develop appropriate public policies regarding environmental and aquatic issues.
61.Sun, 12/10/06 11:18 PMnone
62.Mon, 12/11/06 3:01 PMIdentify exceptional habitats/ ecosystems.Develope understanding of how they work and use these understandings in policy and management.
63.Mon, 12/11/06 3:12 PMDetermine adequacy of existing open space in the coastal areas to sustain the growing population, the quality of life, and the economy into the future.
64.Thu, 12/14/06 2:33 PMUnderstand/predict/communicate consequences of global warming
65.Wed, 12/27/06 8:31 PM I do think it is being addressed, but need to keep it at the forefront and provide information routinely to the local governments on planning & growth management. Strom Thurmond Institute has provided good info on impacts and think it has reached a good segment of the coastal communities.