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Please identify any topics that were not listed above that you feel require additional study and information in the state and region.
#Response DateComment
1.Mon, 10/16/06 8:40 PMHow the health of SC coast effects other coastlines
2.Tue, 10/17/06 1:31 AMmultiple use conflict resolution
3.Tue, 10/17/06 1:45 PMtidal and estuarine flushing
4.Tue, 10/17/06 1:48 PMna
5.Wed, 10/18/06 4:25 PMGullah Culture
6.Sat, 12/9/06 7:26 PMLife history studies of species at all levels of coastal and marine food webs.
7.Wed, 12/27/06 8:54 PMA state level planning heirarchy is needed to reduce local annexation conflicts.