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Conferences and Meetings

2018 Social Coast Forum
Charleston, South Carolina
February 5-8, 2018

Participants from academia, government agencies, and the private sector share how social tools and data are being used to address the nation’s coastal issues, such as climate change and land use planning. Understanding where people live, what they do, and what they value is critical to coastal management. For more information, visit

Oyster South Symposium
Charleston, South Carolina
February 9-10, 2018

Oyster South is a non-profit dedicated to advancing oyster aquaculture in the southern United States. This event will bring together producers, gear suppliers, distributors, researchers, food writers, chefs, and students to discuss aquaculture research and issues. For more information or to register, visit

National Working Waterfronts and Waterways Symposium
Grand Rapids, Michigan
May 14-17, 2018

The symposium, hosted by Michigan Sea Grant and the National Working Waterfront Network, is designed to showcase innovative solutions to a variety of waterfront issues. By also generating strategic partnerships, the event can help balance diverse uses, ensure access, and plan for the future of waterfronts. For more information, visit

International Symposium on the Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Oceans
Washington, D.C.
June 4-8, 2018

The symposium brings together experts from around the world to better understand climate impacts on ocean ecosystems. Sessions will highlight the latest information on how oceans are changing, what is at risk, and how to respond. For more information, visit

International Conference on Coastal Engineering
Baltimore, Maryland
July 30-August 3, 2018

The conference will provide an opportunity to learn from and network with coastal engineers, researchers, academics, and scientists from around the globe. Topics for presentations include hydrodynamic processes, sediment processes, and coastal and estuarine structures. For more information, visit

Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference
Columbia, South Carolina
September 17-19, 2018

Building resilience—the ability to adjust easily to or recover from a stress or change—is the focus. The conference will provide a platform to share experiences, tools, resources, and expertise to foster real-world solutions for climate adaptation in the Carolinas. For more information, visit

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Conferences and Meetings


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