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ARCHIVED 2010 – 13th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration
2010 ARCHIVED                                                                                          

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13th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration - Archived
November 17–20, 2010
Charleston, South Carolina, USA                 
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ICSR’10 will be held once again in historic Charleston, South Carolina. The theme of this year’s conference will focus on the progress made in shellfish restoration over the past 25 years, since the first ICSR held in 1986, and how these efforts have shaped the role for shellfish restoration for the future. This retrospective-prospective approach will provide an opportunity for resource managers, shellfish farmers, community activists, historians, and anthropologists to exchange ideas and information which will enhance our ability to restore molluscan shellfish populations, improve water quality, and protect the environmental health of our critically important estuarine and coastal ecosystems.

Shellfish restoration is certainly an international concern, and over the years many countries have hosted ICSR meetings. Venues included British Columbia, Canada; Galway, Ireland; Brest, France; Vlissingen, The Netherlands; and, most recently, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The European meetings covered scientific issues such as genetics and shellfish disease as components of restoration, while those in Canada highlighted aquaculture and the need for good water quality.

ICSR’10 will examine the history and successes of shellfish restoration over the past 25 years, with particular attention paid to cultural and anthropological influences; the development, evolution, and implementation of best management practices; and the examination of historical practices, such as the early use of shellfish shell as wampum, to emerging issues, such as FDA’s actions to control the commerce of raw shellfish and the challenges posed by ocean acidification. Speakers will also address approaches to restore coastal ecosystems, covering topics such as habitat quality assessment and restoration, shellfish farming, stock enhancement, watershed management, and habitat remediation.

In addition, the conference will offer special tracks within the Shellfish Resource and Shellfish Habitat theme areas on the effects of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on shellfish and shellfish habitat in the region, and efforts being made to address them. We recognize the tragedy that has fallen on the shellfish resource and the industry it supports in the Gulf region, and wish to elicit the best information to assist in restoration and recovery activities.

Shellfish restoration interests from industry, academia, and government representing 25 U.S. states and over 20 countries worldwide are expected to attend. ICSR’10 is planned for November 17–20, 2010, at the DoubleTree Guest Suites in Charleston, South Carolina, and will consist of invited and contributed oral and poster presentations, sessions, and workshops.

The format will be similar to past years with a reception on Wednesday, November 17, plus continental breakfast and box lunches each day and a Lowcountry cookout on Friday, November 19. The ICSR’11 international meeting venue will be selected on Saturday, November 20.

Remember to register and make your hotel reservations early. The deadline for the conference hotel rate of $105 per night is Monday, October 18, 2010. The conference hotel is located next to the historic market area in downtown Charleston, and the schedule will allow for extensive social interaction and collaborations, shopping, and visits to the aquarium and historic monuments.

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ARCHIVED 2010 – 13th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration


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