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16th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration
ICSR 2014 logo
16th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration:
Restoration in an Ever-Changing World

December 10-13, 2014
Charleston, SC, USA                        
ICSR'14 Program and Abstracts (pdf)

On-line conference registration is CLOSED! ..

We are pleased to announce that the International Conference on Shellfish Restoration (ICSR), first held on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina in 1996, returns to Charleston, South Carolina in 2014! The conference hotel is located next to the historic market area in downtown Charleston, and the schedule will allow for extensive social interactions and collaborations, shopping, and visits to the city’s many attractions.

ICSR provides a forum that draws attention to shellfish restoration, and fosters the partnerships, initiatives, and exchange of information necessary to further the science and practice of shellfish restoration.

ICSR’14 will focus on recent changes in our environmental, economic, and political world. These changes challenge expansion of, and provide new opportunities for, shellfish restoration efforts. ICSR’14 will address these challenges under three overall themes:

  1. Restoration of Shellfish Ecosystems
  2. Rehabilitation/Enhancement of Shellfish Populations
  3. Protection and Improvement of Water Quality for Shellfish Survival, Growth, and Harvest.

ICSR’14 will continue to strive to highlight community-based projects in the United States, North America, and throughout the world.

ICSR’14 invites participation by individuals and organizations – representing industry, academia, local communities, NGOs, and government – interested in shellfish restoration, habitat quality assessment and mitigation, shellfish farming, stock enhancement, and watershed management. ICSR’14 will highlight the use of shellfish restoration to address challenges and opportunities related to coastal development; resource policy, regulation, and management; shellfish diseases; shoreline stabilization; and climate change and ocean acidification. Discussions will focus on identifying barriers that need to be removed to allow for continued and enhanced restoration of shellfish populations and ecosystems worldwide.

ICSR’14 will consist of invited and contributed panel sessions, case studies, workshops, and poster and oral presentations. This year, conference organizers are working to develop a program that emphasizes discussion, dialogue, communication, and results-oriented outcomes. ICSR’14 will showcase exhibitors whose information, products, and services are of value to shellfish restoration efforts.

ICSR’14 registration information and the call for abstracts will be available by late July. Conference updates will be posted on this website as information becomes available.

For information about sponsoring and/or exhibiting at ICSR’14, contact:
   Julie Davis
   Phone: (843) 255-6060 ext. 112

For information about attending, contact:
   Judy Linder
   Phone: (843) 953-6406
   Dot Leonard
   Phone: (410) 626-7206

For information about submitting an abstract, contact:
   Rick DeVoe
   Phone: (843) 953-2078

We look forward to seeing you in Charleston!

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16th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration


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